Isn’t it time you had a website and online presence that you LOVE?  

Do you have a website that needs updating and it just seems too big a job?

Does it all seem too techie and hard?

Are you getting in your own way because you don’t like it? 

Do you cringe at the thought of sharing your website address and therefore people can’t buy your stuff or read your blog or sign up for your emails because you are just too embarrassed about your site?

I get it!… you are feeling meh about your site, pretending that it doesn’t exist or afraid to share the link or sending anyone there because it is outdated and doesn’t reflect you or your business.

Maybe you had it designed when you first started out in business and you have no idea how to update it

or you are just are starting out in business and thinking about getting your first website

I want to help you create a website that you can be super proud of…

One that you can update for yourself

That is branded and reflects you and your business!

So where do you start?

Are you wondering what you need to include?

What pages should go where?

What you should build it in?

What is a domain and web hosting?

How do you get your emails sorted?

How can you get people to visit and and start making money from your website? 

I know it’s really easy to get overwhelmed with this stuff and that’s why…

I want to help you to bring your vision to life!

A beautiful bespoke website and your business branded across your social media and email marketing too!

An online presence that works for you! 

A beautiful business attracting more clients and making you more money!

One that YOU LOVE! 

Beautiful, bespoke, branded and built by them!

Here’s a couple of sites that my lovely clients have built for themselves…

Naomi’s course came at the perfect time for our business – it was like a good book, I couldn’t put it down.

I have recently completed “Create your own website” course with Naomi and I now have a website that I am finally proud of. Naomi’s videos enabling me to work at my own pace fitted in brilliantly with running a small business. The additional support via the Facebook group and the Live Q&A sessions meant that I could get quick responses to any queries, with the added (and unexpected) benefit of group members sharing and commenting on each other’s progress.

It’s easy for us all to keep putting off what seems like a mammoth task, but having completed the course in “bite sized” chunks, I would wholeheartedly recommend this programme

cheshire Toy Shop

Jane Holtham

Cheshire Toy Shop

“I’ve done it! I’ve gone live!… I love it!

It reflects me and my biz so much better than my old website.

I couldn’t have done this without Naomi’s programme and her support in the group to answer my niggles and questions.

So big shout to Naomi and thank you xx”

Karen Spencer

Karen Spencer

The Business of Holiday Rental


I have had my current website for about 11 years and it is good but I was finding it quite ‘static’ in terms of what I can do with it.  Naomi runs a course to show you how to build your own website and I thought ‘why not’!  I had every faith in her abilities to teach me every step of the way – and she did not disappoint.  I now have an amazing website that I built myself (with a lot of Naomi’s help) but it has a great functionality – I can now run my blogs through the site (Blogging was something I’d not even considered before knowing Naomi), I am looking to offer online courses, resources, downloads etc – I feel proud that I have built my own site, its exactly what I want it to be and I know I have the support when I need to change things.

I would recommend Naomi’s courses to anyone.  It truly is a revelation and she is a lovely person to boot!!

Copy of cheshire Toy Shop

Julie Elder

Totally Holistic Health

So who’s the programme for?

Well, it’s pretty bloomin’ perfect for you if you are nodding at these questions…

Do you feel ashamed /embarrassed / want to hide if anyone asks for your web address?

Do you hate the fact that you know it’s losing you money every day but you don’t have the budget to do anything about it?

Do you worry in case your clients find it and think, “Well, I wasn’t expecting that!”

What kind of results will you get from the programme?

  • You’ll learn how to create, design and manage your own, gorgeous, professional-looking website

  • You’ll be able to take control of how it looks and feels

  • You’ll know how to update/tweak it if you want to change it in the future

  • You’ll discover how to do it all yourself and save £££s in web designer fees

  • You will be able to brand it to your business

  • You will be able to create images and post for your social media that are consistent with your website

  • You will be able to as shop (if you need to) or even a membership site.

  • You will be able to create a sale page and a sign up to your database (or list)

  • You will be able to create branded emails to your customers and learn how to make your online presence more successful, drive more traffic and make more money! 

What’s Included…

Over 4 weeks you will get easy to follow modules that take you through everything from choosing your domain name right through to picking gadgets and gizmos for your shiny new site.
With Bonus modules on branding, social media and email marketing! 
There’s also an exclusive Facebook group for programme members to share, air and support.
And you’ll also get plenty of support from me throughout the programme too.
Join me and learn how to create your own beautiful, bespoke and professional website.
This programme is delivered in easy to follow modules that will take you step by step through the setting up and designing your site.

The programme includes…

Getting Started

  • How to choose your domain name.
  • Purchasing your domain name
  • What is Web hosting
  • Setting up your website host
  • Emails and settings

Planning Your Website

  • Setting up a WordPress website that you can update yourself.
  • Structured layouts that are easy to navigate and will work for your business.
  • Adding a theme (design) to your site.

Branding, Design and Build

  • Step by step guides to designing your website
  • Choosing your Fonts
  • Working with Colours
  • Designing your logo.
  • Creating a fabulous website that reflects you and your brand.
  • Creating a consistent brand and message

Marketing Your Website

  • Getting your website seen online.
  • Blogging for Business
  • SEO (search engine optimization)

Gadgets and Gizmos

  • What is a plugin, which ones to use.
  • Connecting to Social Media
  • Blogging for Business part 2
  • Adding an email sign up for your newsletter in MailChimp


Support and Updates

  • Latest trends and regular updates
  • Live Question and Answer Sessions
  • Support and Exclusive access to the Facebook group.



  • Beautiful Branding Resources
  • Discover how to create a brand that connects with your crowd


  • Social Media Masterclasses, Videos and Downloads
  • Learn how to set up your social profiles and brand them in line with your website


  • Email Marketing Masterclasses
  • Learn how to set up bespoke branded and beautiful email templates
  • How to design a freebie and get more people on your list!

What are you waiting for?…

Why work with me?

I’m Naomi Gilmour, a web designer and online marketing consultant, I love working with small businesses to help you to bring your visions to life online!  

Having worked in online marketing for over 25 years and being self-employed since 2000, I understand first hand the challenges that you face when marketing your business online.  I will help you go from feeling stuck to supercharged!  This is your time to create an online presence you are proud of!  A website, social media and email marketing that you not only love, but that you can update for yourself (at 3am if you choose to) 


or 10 monthly payments of just £39.70

You will feel
  • Totally in control of your business online!
  • Proud of your website, social and email marketing!
  • Safe in the knowledge that your site is up to date, secure and working for you!
  • Comfortable updating your site with life time access and support from me!
A bespoke, beautiful and branded website, social media and online marketing that you LOVE and works for you!

Don’t just take my word for it!…

Naomi’s website builder course was really easy to follow with step by step video guides and other supporting documents to help you plan and create a great looking site.  I was a complete WordPress newbie beforehand and with the support from Naomi and her course have now create several sites.  I highly recommend it.

Sarah Fisher

I wanted to change website hosts but I couldn’t take the site with me, I felt daunted at the thought of building a website from scratch.I was already joined with Branching Out Online via the Smart Social Media Success/Branching Out Hub programme, so I decided to go for the Create Your Own Website.  It proved to be a great choice, Naomi was very helpful and supportive and she provides very useful video tutorials to take you through the process.

Claire Stewart

CS Bespoke Admin Services

I registered for Naomi’s Create your Own Website at the start of the year, I already had an ecommerce website which I had built for me but & wanted to create a 2nd website for another business, I couldn’t afford to pay to have someone build the site for me so I decided I register with Naomi’s course & do it myself. I already had some knowledge of using a WordPress website as a user in being able to add products & was familiar with the layout of the dashboard but I had no knowledge of building & designing my own site.

I would totally recommend the course to build your own website & I am so glad that I have done it, having control over how your site works is definitely a big advantage & I know understand my other website a lot better.

your cosy home

Michelle Grey

Your Cosy Home

Naomi has clearly and patiently explained how to set up a website using WordPress. What has impressed me most has been her availability and her quick and thorough replies to my challenging questions. In just one month I have set up my own website without it taking time away from my business and my personal life.

Anna Darmenia

Optimum Bebe

How long will it take?…

It is a 4 week programme but you can learn at your own pace and even build it over a weekend!

What you get in Business Beautiful

  • Branding for Your Business
  • Create Your Own Website
  • Add Your Own Online Shop
  • Build Your Membership Site
  • Sales Page Class
  • Email Marketing Masterclass
  • Social Media Programme


or 10 monthly payments of just £39.70