• Want to learn how to create your own website?

  • A website that you’ll LOVE

  • Without all the scary techy stuff?

  • Without the strange language and codes?

Here’s your chance!

First things first, who’s the programme for?


Well, it’s pretty bloomin’ perfect for anyone who finds themselves nodding at these questions…


Does your website make you feel…

Do you feel ashamed /embarrassed / want to hide if anyone asks for your web address?

Is it loosing you money?

Do you hate the fact that you know it’s losing you money every day but you don’t have the budget to do anything about it?

Does it look…

Do you worry in case your high end clients find it and think, “Well, I wasn’t expecting that!”

You nodding?  keep reading…


What kind of results will you get from the programme?

  • You’ll learn how to create, design and manage your own, gorgeous, professional-looking website
  • You’ll be able to take control of how it looks and feels
  • You’ll know how to update/tweak it if you want to change it in the future
  • You’ll discover how to do it all yourself and save £££s in web designer fees


What’s included in the programme?

  • 6 easy to follow modules that take you through everything from choosing your domain name right through to picking gadgets and gizmos for your shiny new site.

  • There’s also an exclusive Facebook group for programme members to share, air and support.

  • And you’ll also get plenty of support from me throughout the programme too.



This programme is only £297 (you can pay in one go or monthly) you will get all the resources and support you need to create a website you love and can update for yourself!


The Create My Own Website Programme Success Stories 

The ladies who have joined and completed this programme previously have had some fantastic results.  See for yourself…


Naomi’s course came at the perfect time for our business – it was like a good book, I couldn’t put it down.
I have recently completed “Create your own website” course with Naomi and I now have a website that I am finally proud of. Naomi’s videos enabling me to work at my own pace fitted in brilliantly with running a small business. The additional support via the Facebook group and the Live Q&A sessions meant that I could get quick responses to any queries, with the added (and unexpected) benefit of group members sharing and commenting on each other’s progress.
It’s easy for us all to keep putting off what seems like a mammoth task, but having completed the course in “bite sized” chunks, I would wholeheartedly recommend this programme

Jane Holtom

Cheshire Toy Shop

I wanted to change website hosts but I couldn’t take the site with me, I felt daunted at the thought of building a website from scratch.I was already joined with Branching Out Online via the Smart Social Media Success/Branching Out Hub programme, so I decided to go for the Create Your Own Website.  It proved to be a great choice, Naomi was very helpful and supportive and she provides very useful video tutorials to take you through the process.

Claire Stewart

CS Bespoke Admin Services

Naomi has clearly and patiently explained how to set up a website using WordPress. What has impressed me most has been her availability and her quick and thorough replies to my challenging questions. In just one month I have set up my own website without it taking time away from my business and my personal life.

Anna Darmenia

Optimum Bebe