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Jenny was unsure of how to even get started with her website, but knew she wanted WordPress and joined to get help and support.    Here’s what Jenny has to say about The Web Design Academy…

When it comes to websites, I was a novice and the whole WordPress and web build thing was something done by people with magickal powers! But that all changed when I discovered Naomi. After following her for a few months, I decided to sign up to her Web Design Academy.  
Right from the start, Naomi was there guiding, helping and supporting.   When you join the academy, you gain access to a hub that has all the modules there for you to follow at your own pace. They are beautifully done and explain everything in easy bite sized pieces, that is so easy to follow. Add that to the group you have access to and the support, and gentle encouragement from Naomi, it makes the whole experience a joy and stress free.
A few months later (that’s me, it might take you quicker), I now have a website I adore and when I hit that go live button I was literally squealing in excitement because I had for the first time ever built a website that I’m super excited to share (in fact I’m bouncing now as I write this bit).
Thank you Naomi, you are an absolute diamond and for anyone looking for a website, then I highly recommend. My business is going to grow and be awesome now and yours will too with the love, guidance and support from Naomi.
Jenny Howarth

Jenny and The Owl

What Is The Web Design Academy?

The Web Design Academy is a learn at your own pace online program, that reveals exactly how to plan, create, design, optimise and manage your own WordPress website.

It’s a simple step-by-step formula to creating a stylish website and online presence that you and your comers love.

What's Included In The Web Design Academy?

You’ll get instant access to five easy to follow modules that take you through everything from choosing your domain name right through to picking gadgets and gizmos for your shiny new site.  There’s no time limit, so you can work through each module at your own pace, creating your gorgeous new website in a few months, a few weeks or even (if you’re really keen) in a single weekend!

There are full details here: THE WEB DESIGN ACADEMY 

Is The Web Design Academy For You?

The Website Design Academy is perfect for you if…

You built your first website yourself (and you did a pretty good job!) but now you’re ready for something more polished and professional.

Your business has changed or perhaps outgrown its current website. You need something super slick to help you take things to the next level.

You’re avoiding sending people to your website because it’s out-of-date, dreary, old fashioned and Just. Not. You.

You know that your website needs some sparkle and shine but you don’t have thousands to spend on a professional developer and there’s no way you’re applying for the next season of the Apprentice.

You want to have a website that you know how to update, amend and add-to without tying your brain in technical knots! And wearing your onesie if you wish!

There are full details here: THE WEB DESIGN ACADEMY 

What Will You Learn In The Academy?

You will:

  • Learn how to create, design and manage your own, gorgeous, professional-looking website
  • Be able to take control of how it looks and feels
  • Know how to update/tweak it if you want to change it in the future
  • Discover how to do it all yourself and save £££s in web designer fees
  • Be able to brand your website to match your business
  • Be able to create images and post for your social media that are consistent with your website
  • Be able to as shop (if you need to) or even a membership site.
  • Be able to create a sale page and a sign up to your database (or list)
  • Discover how to create branded emails for your customers and how to make your online presence more successful, drive more traffic and make more money!
  • Feel totally in control of your business online!

There are full details here: THE WEB DESIGN ACADEMY 

Got a question ?

Please ask away!… You can contact me below or take a look at all the academy information here:

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